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Saturday, January 28, 2012

The true test of a relationship is in the handling of the baggage.

  Here's the thing about people, or relationships, and personal baggage. You know, that stuff we all carry around with us from the past that really screws it up for us sometimes? Yeah, that baggage.

  We all have it, unless we're under 13. In which case, if you are, you shouldn't be reading this anyway. Ha-ha! Although, truthfully, maybe I should say "unless you're under the age of 5" because even before age 13 some of us had those first loves who broke our hearts, back when we still thought it looked like this: ♥.


  • If you walk around with your baggage with you at all times, it's quite a burden. Let it go sometimes, or at least put some of it away if you just can't quite let it all lie. Leave it in a safe place. It will still be there. No one else wants it! Do so a little more every day. Maybe one day, you'll feel it's okay to leave it all, permanently.
  • You have baggage, so does the other person. Help each other out. Take turns sharing each others burdens. If you help someone with theirs, maybe they'll help you with yours. It's quite nice to have and give help and it's a win/win.
  • Your old, broken, torn-up baggage does not define you unless you allow it to. It is not worth anything, has no value whatsoever. You can dress it up a little, or pretend it's invisible (does not exist) when you're in a public setting.  Let out the you that existed before it.
  • Baggage was meant to only be used when going away for a while. As we get older you learn to downsize for convenience. Learn how to get rid of it little by little until it's gone. It's not meant to carry with you, all the time, forever.
  • Baggage is just part of your past. You live and learn from it, then grow and mature from it, and move on.
  • When you find someone trustworthy, trust them with your baggage. Show each other that you are there to help with it, not to add to it. Maybe you can help them get rid of it little by little until it's gone and vice versa. After all, it's not worth anything, it's not pretty, and you shouldn't care what happens to it.
  • Ask for help with you baggage. You've had it all by yourself forever. There's nothing wrong with asking someone else to help you out with it, if every now and then. Friends, family, loved ones not available? Get a professional. Sometimes a 'pro' is best as all the others are usually the cause of the baggage in the first place.
  • Make your baggage known. It is invisible to others. We don't want people stumbling, tripping and falling over our baggage. You have to tell others what it is, where it is, and what's in it.
  • If someone else's baggage is too much for you to handle. Don't give up so quickly. Keep trying. It's not necessary to "dead-lift" it all at once. Work up to it, slowly. If it still doesn't seem worth the time and effort to you... walk away and don't look back. It's for everyone's own good. I'm not saying you're a jerk for not giving assistance where it is needed. Some people just can't handle certain things.
  • If someone is attempting to help you with your baggage, don't expect them to be able to handle it all at once and right away. Just have them take a little at a time and be patient. If you've given them ample time and they still just can't deal with it all, same as above: walk away and don't look back. It's for everyone's own good. It's not your fault or theirs. Some people just aren't cut out for certain jobs.
  I hope this helps at least someone out with the care of their (and others) baggage.


  1. I really liked this. Thanks.

    1. Thank you, Jess! I have found it to be easier to give advice in a way that is not "pointing fingers" and make it kind of funny. It seems to make it easier to take.